We moved our daughter there recently and couldn’t be happier with the decision we made. She loves The Playhouse and asks to go back even through the weekend. The teachers are all so lovely and helpful. I would highly recommend to other parents.

The Bryant Family

From a child’s perspective, what she thinks of our Teachers; Diane – she just works, plays with no kids/a little bit, comes out of the office and talks to Trish. Trishna – doing C A S E Y onto computer into office, taking me out to lunch, giving me a kiss and cuddle before she goes to lunch. Kate – Good office work, Shae’s mummy. Melissa – Lets me come into the babies room, takes me out to McDonalds with Mason. Gemma – does Santa lists and letterbox, Gemma helps with school work, watch Zip and Mac, Gemma does good mat times. Bridget – she’s a good cook making cup cakes. Ragina – Is funny, she tickles me and all my kids. Aaron – good at hitting the punching bag and good at finding bugs. Brittany – playing with the toys. Steph – do colouring in and cutting, making play dough. Jorgia – does pretty nails.

Casey Halliday (5 years old)

We just can’t believe that this era has come to an end….Thank you is just not enough to express how grateful we are for all the love and care you have shown both our children. I know that our children have loved their time at The Playhouse and it’s all because of the awesome environment you’re created and the fantastic team you’re got.

The McNeil Family

Thank you so much for taking such great care of our boys and putting so much time and energy into their learning and development. It has been an awesome environment for our 2 boys to spend their pre-school years (both from 8 months old), and watch them grow.
In the 7 years at The Playhouse Pre-School, our boys have had some amazing experiences, heaps of fun and special bonds with many of the Teachers.
Thank you all for your passion for early childhood teaching and preparing our little boys for school. You will all be truly missed, but Pukekohe is a small place so we will see you around at some stage. Keep doing what you do so well.

The Shaw Family

The Playhouse Pre-School is the second pre-school that our daughter has attended, and there is no comparison for the high quality care that they provide. The teachers are friendly and welcoming, and every morning I leave feeling content, knowing my daughter is safe, cared for and loved.

We really enjoy the family atmosphere that the teachers and children create together, everybody is welcome and the communication between teachers and family is easy going and honest, this was really important to us when we moved centre’s, all concerns, questions and requests regarding our daughters wellbeing are taken seriously, but easily, which made our transition so much easier.
So, thank you Playhouse, for providing our little girl with the best care possible.

The Mohan Family

Our son started with The Playhouse Pre-School at about 17 months old and had previously been enrolled at two different centre’s. With our previous experiences we were able to see exactly what we did and did not want from a centre before even starting at The Playhouse. Thankfully, since day one we could not have been happier with the care and education our son receives.

We come from a teaching background and we feel that although our son needs the best love and care throughout the day, he also needs to be guided and given the opportunity to learn in areas that both interest him and challenge him. The Playhouse provides him with all this and more. He is thriving in all areas, and exceeding our expectations.

The staff at The Playhouse are friendly, caring, knowledgeable and passionate about children. They show genuine interest in our son’s home life and interests, and this is reflected in daily activities, routines and learning stories. We feel welcomed every day, and we feel confident leaving our little man in the care of these amazing teachers.

Our son constantly asks to go to Pre-School and I know this will make it easier on us, and him, when we need to put him in full time. We will be sending our daughter to The Playhouse too, and will definitely feel comfortable leaving her at a younger age. We plan to keep our children in The Playhouse Pre-School until they start primary school and we feel confident that they will be well prepared for school when the time comes.

We highly recommend The Playhouse Pre-School to anyone considering putting their babies or preschoolers into care.

The Paul Family

As a family we have had an association with The Playhouse Pre-School since its first day of opening in November 2008. The first of our children to attend was the youngest in the newly opened centre, at 14 weeks old. He attended until he started school at 5. By that stage, his brother had started with them both attending together for a month. It therefore goes without saying the The Playhouse Pre-School holds an integral place in our family routine or the past 6 years and into the future.

We have never found leaving our children at daycare to be a difficult decision. The learning and social skills that our children have developed is far greater than we could ever have given them as a stay-at-home mum or dad. The attention that is needed by each child is always given, and the staff does treat the children as though they were their own – the level of care is that good.

The staff are always pushing boundaries, extending the children’s experiences and thirst for knowledge. Their topical and relevant subject choices for the children to be involved in, such as the Olympics or Rugby World Cup, are always met with enthusiasm by the children.

Children are guided and nurtured to be interested in what they want to be interested in, and this forms the basis for a learning curriculum that we believe sets them on a pathway of preparation for school.

We are always kept up to date on our children’s daily activities through the comprehensive Daily Record Book when under 15 months old and Portfolios as they get older. We never are left feeling like we have missed part of their day.

If asked we do recommend daycare as an option for working parents; we would say no. It is an option for anyone who wishes to give their child a caring environment and the best possible start in life, and The Playhouse Pre-School is in our mind is at the pinnacle of that care.

The Burr Family

It’s the end of an era; we will really miss The Playhouse. We have had an awesome experience and thoroughly enjoyed having our boys with you. I can never sing your praises high enough to our friends and colleagues. Best regards to The Playhouse Family.

The Wilson Family

The hardest part of being a working mum and dad is leaving our little man in day care. The team at The Playhouse made my transition back to work easy and stress free. They kept me informed about our child’s day with his daily diary, which I loved and I am looking forward to sharing with him when he is older. It was never a bother for me to call and check on him throughout the day. The team are always friendly, approachable and most importantly for me they knew exactly what our child had been doing and were always honest. The team at The Playhouse has created a loving family environment and we consider ourselves very lucky to be part of that family!!!

The Evans Family

Our two children (then aged 2 ¾ years & 9 months) joined The Playhouse Pre-School in Nov 2008 not long after the centre had opened. Our 5 year old started school early 2011 and 3 year old continues attendance at The Playhouse today. We chose The Playhouse because of their emphasis on quality education. This has been especially important to us because we believe a pre-school centre should be as educational as possible for children. We wanted our children to be educated and not just looked after, so to speak.

We have now been associated with The Playhouse for the last 2 ½ years. We believe that the education our 5 year old received during his time at the centre has been instrumental in his successful transition to primary school this year. Our 5 year old still talks about his time at The Playhouse and remembers all of his Teacher’s names! He enjoys his visits when we go to pick up our 3 year old.

Our 3 year old is excited about her pre-school days at the centre and she always comes home smiling and in a good mood. From this it is good to know as a parent, that your child has enjoyed her day.

The Teachers are dedicated educational providers and are always looking for new ways to challenge the children through various educational activities. The resources that the children have access to are amazing and activities for the children are well set up in the morning and vary each school day. Our children have always been actively engaged in something to such an extent it has been difficult on some occasions to get them to come home!

The Teachers are friendly and helpful and are always available to answer any questions. Portfolios prepared for the children are colourful and interesting to read. There have been lots of opportunities for parent/teacher involvement through social events and children’s concerts during the year.

The Playhouse Pre-School is providers of quality education and care, and we believe our children have received exactly that. We would not hesitate to recommend the facility to any parent.

The Lipscombe Family