About Us

Unique selling position

“We connect your child to the Community, Environment and Wider World”

Mission statement

To encourage learning within safe, nurturing, fun environments, with the aim of enhancing self-esteem, independence and respect of others, through role modeling, guiding, social interactions and play with both children and adults.

The pre-schools

The Playhouse Pre-Schools are privately owned; one is a renovated Restaurant (opened 2013) and the other is a purpose built centre (opened 2008). They are both situated in Twomey Drive, one at 41 and the other at 51, which is in the Newsham Park subdivision, in Pukekohe. The Playhouse Pre-Schools are attractive well designed open plan environments, which maximize space and provide a welcoming, nurturing, flexible and stimulating environment for children, families and teachers.

An attraction for parents is the diversity of ages, enabling flexibility for siblings to attend the same centre.

The Playhouse Pre-Schools provide high quality education and care, high child/teacher ratios, excellent qualified experienced teachers and teachers in training within nurturing safe environments for children from zero to six years of age.

Both Pre-Schools are divided into spaces; one designed for free movement and floor time for infants and toddlers under two years of age. These spaces enable them to have some time away from the older children to explore age appropriate activities before coming together as bigger groups. The second space, also inside, is for all children, where they have specific activities and resources designed for all ages. All children are generally together (like a family) where they are encouraged to mix and explore in all spaces. The third space is our outdoor areas, which provide safe, stimulating, natural environments, enhanced with murals, carvings and mosaics, in which children are encouraged to freely explore and play. Our meal times are very special and social as the whole centre comes together (like a family) to sit, eat and talk with their friends about their day at each of The Playhouse Pre-Schools.